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We Empower People

MeduProf-S is dedicated to Sustainable Medical Education and Training of Professionals in Emerging Countries and Countries in Transition.

The MeduProf-S values are:

We are committed to the people we work with and the quality of our work.

Our relationships are based on equality. Both sides should benefit.

We build self-reliance. We supply the tools and teach how to use them.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. working and learning with us should be fun!

Vision of MeduProf-S

We believe in the potential of emerging countries and countries in transition and operate from the vision that education is a basic condition for the independence and economic development of a society.
We strive to be the leading social entrepreneur to support the quality improvement of education in Healthcare in Emerging Countries and Countries in Transition.
We are committed to the establishment of learning communities. 

MeduProf-S, Sustainable Medical Education for Professionals, a spin off of Fontys University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands, is engaged in the acquisition and implementation of complex international education projects focusing predominantly on emerging countries and countries in transition. MeduProf-S made a choice for a business approach because in more than 15 years experience the business model to improve development has been proven successful. With our Schools of Health, Didactics and Curriculum Development, Management, Quality & Change and /Engineering/IT, MeduProf-S delivers a complete package necessary to bring an educational institute, healthcare facility, a private company or a government a step further in its development or change process. In most programs there is an integrated combination of the expertise of the different Schools or Expertise. No matter what the starting point is. With respect for history, culture and the policies of a country the staff of MeduProf-S has an attitude of building relations for the long term. Since 2013 MeduProf-S offers a franchise model for schools and universities for short courses and curricula in the medical field. MeduProf-S is a networking company. A project never ends and is only successful when together with our relations new activities will follow. You can find a brief company pitch when you click here.

Our Social Entrepreneurship

MeduProf-S strives to be a “social enterprise and follows the simple, but clear definition by Rhodes, G. (2011) who defines social entrepreneurship;

“the market-based solution to socially relevant issues”

He mentions two key elements of social entrepreneurship:


  • “aiming to supply goods or services to a market of targeted individuals for a measurable rate of return”

Social concern;

  • “reacting to or driving events, actions or behavior that have consequences for or concern the wellbeing of a group or community”.

“MeduProf-S as a social enterprise shares the global concerns many of us have, but we have our feet firmly rooted in providing practical and pragmatic solutions amidst the very different realities of the varied local communities we serve”.

The link with local communities fits into the last sentence of our vision:

We are committed to the establishment of learning communities”.

Rhodes,G. (2011), The Concept of Social Entrepreneurship, Conference Social Entrepreneurship for the Healthcare Sector, MeduProf-S, TaskForce Healtcare and HIP, May 12th, 2011 Eindhoven

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