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Making such kind of training is very good for African Countries. It helps us to upgrade our scale. So keep going doing like this. Maybe it is also possible to facilitate CT, MRI and other modalities. Thanx a lot!

“Workshop is educative, interesting and lovely”
“The whole session has been so wonderful, it has upgraded my knowledge and refreshed me. Also it has boast my confidence up and am now happy that I can teach my colleagues in the ward. Thank you and bravot to the facilitators, tehy have been so wonderful. You both are my role model”
“The training in general is fantastic. All topics were well explained. All the facilitators did their best to our understanding. Facilitators are knowledgeable and very sociable. Thank you!”
“Facilitators took partcipants in all subjects excellently. Partcicpants understood all subjects and role plays. Interaction was very good between facilitators and participants”

You have absolutely sent us the right trainer. The clinics were rather diverse, but the MeduProf-S trainer always found an approach fitting for the specific situation. She has conducted the training sessions in a very professional way.

Small World published a video on YouTube:

The course neonatal emergency care is very nice because it helps me to do my work and it helps me to meet the needs in my job


“Your way of training is good. It helps us to practice on our working place. Your time management is good, continue like this! Thank you for the training!”

“We thank you for a good training & learning. Pls keep it up! See u next time!’

“My suggestion is: Continue like this because your teaching methods are excellent”


Receive my warm greetings. First let me update you on my progress after the ultrasound training.

My hospital acquired Clearvue 550 ultrasound unit which I use to carry out all scans. Patients who would have otherwise travelled long distances for ultrasound services are now benefiting a lot. Many lives have also been saved in emergency cases like ectopics and IUFDs due to timely diagnosis and quick interventions. Let me once again sincerely thank you for making a difference in the lives of these patients indirectly by giving me an opportunity to train.

It was a great pleasure meeting you in my office together with Madam Prof. Amina Abdulqadir. I appreciate the information you gave me and the training work that you are currently doing in Zanzibar and the future cooperation expected between our two sides.

“Its with much humility and gratitude that I express my joy, excitement and thanks to you and all the organizers and donors of the recently concluded training on ultrasound at KMTC-NAIROBI. I have gained much and now very prepared to serve the needy Kenyans. Infact I am now putting personal efforts to pursue a bachelors degree on the same. COMMENDABLE JOB WHICH WAS WELL DONE!!! “GOD BLESS YOU”.

With this mail I want to thank MeduProf-S for their efforts and flexibility shown during the long way of training and education of the air-ambulance staff, also on behalf of Howard (training coordinator).

Hierbij wil MeduProf-S bedanken voor de inzet en flexibiliteit tijdens het lange traject van trainingen en opleidingen van de air ambulance, mede namens Howard.

Salma Fouda through Facebook: “It was one of the greatest week ever thank u so much for this nice experience”

Mareham Michel through Facebook: “The best one week with you.. really thanks for you very much, God bless you”

Doha Sayed through Facebook: “Really really it was an awesome training. No words can express my happiness. Thanks for uuu too much”

MeduProf-S provided workshops throughout the Cairo2Cape 2012 tour all over Africa.

“All in all the feedback results are very positive. This accounts for all workshops. I have reported back that MeduProf-S has performed a great job, with very knowledgeable and experienced trainers, capable of handling the usual African situation and uncertainty and that the workshops conducted by MeduProf-S were also highly rated in the feedback forms.”

Actual the training session of change management was so nice, interesting and practical.

“I think it is good to know the machine, analyzing and calibration of each machine. The course updated our skills . So this training is good, you continue for the next time.”

“I am so pleased by the course content and materials including the syllabus. So keep it on!”

“I suggest that training with this type of practical content is better to biomedical engineers to extend their knowledge on different devices.”

Special thanks for your positive approach. Our neonates get a chance for a new life. We have gained too much knowledge from you!

I always remember the lesson on hand washing procedures and it really helps. I am working with the food vendors and they also started to do it. They say it is a nice way!


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