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MeduProf-S School of Health. One of the main activities of MeduProf-S is Training, Education and Advice in Nursing, Medical Imaging, Laboratory, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Audiology. We support the medical sector industry and knowledge institutes worldwide with training and education activities as part of delivery programs or in stand alone projects.

Quality & (Behavior)Change

MeduProf-S School of Quality and (Behavior) Change is provider of education and training, auditing and consultancy on quality in your organization. MeduProf-S will assist you to implement JCI, Niaz pace, ISO or other quality systems. That ranges from support in control and in continuous improvement to support in raising commitment. Examples of education and training are the courses: Quality Change Agent, Internal Quality Auditor, External Quality Auditor, Quality Assurance for Inspectors and Passion in your work.

Didactics & Curriculum Development

MeduProf-S School of Didactics and Curriculum Development has a wide experience in healthcare teacher training, didactical and curriculum support for medical colleges and universities. The training of trainer and demand driven approach guarantees an optimal and sustainable effect on the local organisation. Combinations with the expertise of the other schools gives many combination possibilities for vocational and professional education.

Hygiene, Waste & Infection Control

Hygiene in general is a crucial topic in Health- and Elderly care facilities. Our School for Hygiene, Waste & Infection Control helps Health- and Elderly care facilities to set up or improve their hygiene safety in a practical adjustable way.

Engineering & IT

MeduProf-S School of Engineering/IT discovered a high attention rate in Emerging Countries. It is one of the engines to create sustainability in your healthcare institute. MeduProf-S recognized the urgency of maintenance in the health sector and started to improve the quality of bio-medical engineering in different countries. We offer expertise in the technical field with the support of local technical schools at as well VET level as Graduate level. 


MeduProf-S School of Management is specialised in different aspects of Health Management advice, training and consultancy. During more then 15 years experience the company has grown to a serious partner with a diversity of management solutions. MeduProf-S is able to offer custom made training and implementation solutions in Project-, Financial-, HR-, Public and Business Management to prepare and implement the desired changes in your healthcare institute, insurance company or elderly care organisation.

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