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It was a great pleasure meeting you in my office together with Madam Prof. Amina Abdulqadir. I appreciate the information you gave me and the training work that you are currently doing in Zanzibar and the future cooperation expected between our two sides.

MeduProf-S provided workshops throughout the Cairo2Cape 2012 tour all over Africa.

“All in all the feedback results are very positive. This accounts for all workshops. I have reported back that MeduProf-S has performed a great job, with very knowledgeable and experienced trainers, capable of handling the usual African situation and uncertainty and that the workshops conducted by MeduProf-S were also highly rated in the feedback forms.”

With this mail I want to thank MeduProf-S for their efforts and flexibility shown during the long way of training and education of the air-ambulance staff, also on behalf of Howard (training coordinator).

Hierbij wil MeduProf-S bedanken voor de inzet en flexibiliteit tijdens het lange traject van trainingen en opleidingen van de air ambulance, mede namens Howard.

You have absolutely sent us the right trainer. The clinics were rather diverse, but the MeduProf-S trainer always found an approach fitting for the specific situation. She has conducted the training sessions in a very professional way.

Small World published a video on YouTube:

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