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Casualty Care Nursing Course 4, January 24 – 28

The 4th Casualty Care course was conducted by Peter de Kruijter, a MeduProf-S expert and 2 local teachers: Mary Mundia and Nancy Karume.
The 12 participants to this course presented at KMTC on Monday morning.
Participants were very passionate about the trauma victims they treat. We started the course with hopes, fears and expectations.
What emerged here is that people are very grateful that they are allowed to enroll in this course.
The course started with the ABCD technique, which is not common knowledge. The points to be viewed in ABCD were reviewed. Later on ABCD was practiced using several case studies.
The course was a mixture of lectures and hands-on sessions. The local trainers were involved in conducting some of the presentations and coaching the hands-on sessions.
During the hands-on sessions we could use models for practicing the different skills needed in Casualty Care. The cervical collar was shown in one of these session and practiced applying also the ABCD method towards the patient. Another hands-on session was focusing on airway-skills.
Lectures were given on cellular metabolism, ventilation and gas exchange, shock, pain, burns and BLS (Basic Life Support).
They were all well received.

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