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Tanzania mother & child care improvement

80 courses of 2 weeks in 8 months

From March till October 2023 MeduProf-S offers courses to thousands of professionals in healthcare. Participants of the Ministry of Health were sent to the different courses defined around mother and childcare. We offer on 4 locations throughout the country courses in Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing (NICU), Basic Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care Nursing (BEmONC), Obstetric Operation Theater Nursing, X-ray/Ultrasound and Fluoroscopy refresher, Quality assurance and pattern recognition in X-ray, Infection control, MRI/CT, Practical Hospital Maintenance Skills and Maintenance Management. A program we usually offer in a period of 3 years is executed in 8 months. Through the unique approach of Train the Trainers with teachers from The Netherlands, India and Tanzania supported with the best teaching methods, behaviour change approach and materials, we reached a very high score in the evaluations and through continued conversations with the students we noticed an improvement in practical skills and country-wide improvement of services.

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