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Emergency Medical Care Course conducted on Saba

From May 9-13 2011, Erik van Roon and Ruben Verlangen were on Saba to conduct the second week of the Emergency Medical Care Course.
The total duration of the course is six weeks and is spread over a period of two years.
The course provides a standardised approach to both hospital and pre-hospital emergency situations
(trauma and non trauma).
The approach is based on the ABCDE-method and the hourglass model. Those are the main topics of the whole course en will be continuously integrated in the training and practical work. These methods provide the care structure in the approach inboth the assessment and the associated interventions.
In the first week of the course were these principles were introduced. In the second week the focus was on the assessment and interventions of Airway and Breathing.
(the first two steps of the ABCDE method).

The topics are presented in meaningful, realistic and for Saba circumstances recognizable situation.
The participants arranged a ‘Saba content’ for the assessment and interventions of Airway and Breathing.
They practised the methods into in their own environment, namely their own Emergency Room, with real equipment and materials which made it realistic and a good learning experience.
Eric and Ruben appriciated the hospitality on Saba very much. They were very honoured to share the celebrating of nurses week on Saba. They are already looking forward to the course in September, to experience the hurricane season.

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