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MeduProf-S teachers went to St. Eustatius to conduct the Refresher week of the Emergency Medical Care course

StatiaFrom October 28 to November 1, 2013 MeduProf-S teachers Ruben Verlangen and Erik van Roon visited Saint Eustatius, where they conducted the refresher week of the Emergency Medical Care course in the Queen Beatrix Medical Centre. The participants were well prepared and that resulted in very effective teaching and discussions.The main topics, on request of the participants were Basic Life Support for adults, infants and children, both out of hospital and inside of the hospital. The ABCDE-approach for trauma and non-trauma patients was also refreshed. A lot of scenarios were presented and ‘played’ and all of them were taped on video. The videos were used as a reflection tool, a very powerful instrument in training!  Both the participants and trainers were exited about this opportunity to learn!

Statia1      Statia2

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