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Flight nurses fit to fly on Bonaire!

From March 25th  to March 29th 2013, MeduProf-S experts Roland van der Loo and Erik van Roon were on Bonaire to train future flight nurses.    Practical lesson
Fundashon Mariadal and EZAir are going to operate an air ambulance (Learjet 35A) for aeromedical evacuation purposes. The nursing staff had to be trained as a member of the aeromedical crew. An intense week for all participants where two worlds met: patient safety and flight safety.
New concepts were introduced; i.e. different stressors  surrounding a flight and air transport considerations such as air physiology.Participants and the trainer.

A flight nurse performs as a member of an aeromedical evacuation crew and provides for in-flight management and nursing care for all types of patients. Other responsibilities include planning and preparing for aeromedical evacuation missions and preparing a patient care plan to facilitate patient care, comfort and safety. Flight nurses evaluate individual patient’s in-flight needs and request appropriate medications, supplies and equipment, providing continuing nursing care from origination to the destination facility. They act as liaisons between medical and operational aircrews and support personnel in order to promote patient comfort and to expedite the mission, and also initiate emergency treatment in the absence of a physician during in-flight medical emergencies.                                                                  Practical Session


Through this new transport service patients on Bonaire with a need to be treated elsewhere can rely on high quality care during transport!Participants with their certificate

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