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Infection Control implementation workshop Ministry of Health Kenya successful!

Last week March 15 and 16 Meduprof-S organised an infection control policy workshop for the Ministry of Medical Services (MOMS) in the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC).
Key persons responsible for Infection Control from the Ministry of Health, Kenya Medical Training College, Kenyatta National Hospital; Kisumu and Kakamega hospitals were present for two days to prepare the practical implementation of the policy.

Topics were:
– The National IPC policy in Kenya
– Definition of stakeholders in hospitals
– Tasks and responsibilities of the different stakeholders
– Guidelines for dissemination the IPC policy
– Follow up and way forward after the workshop

At the same time Kisumu Hospita, Kakamega Hospital and Kenyatta National Hospital Staff reported about the positive effects of the Hospital waste Management plans they had prepared in earlier courses.
The group also visited Kenyatta National Hospital to see the positive changes after the earlier
conducted changes by MeduProf-S.

This workshop was an extra activity to finalize the training activities under the ORET program to strengthen 24 hospitals in Kenya.
The workshop was closed with handing over the certificates of attendance and a group picture.

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