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Hygiene Awareness training conducted on Saba

Photo 1On Saba, MeduProf-S expert Pascal Driessen provided a training in Hygiene Awareness. He was assisted by Engelbert Boezems who was trained as local expert in our courses on Bonaire.  The training was executed from 4 to 7 November. Participants came from the A.M. Edwards Medical Centre and the Hon. Henry Carlyle Every Home for the Aged. For both facilities a hygiene and cleaning program was developed together with the staff. The cleaning staff and the supervisors trained the skills to implement the program in their day-to-day practice, including the cleaning skills. On the picture the participants with their certificates, the trainers and Dr. Blaauboer, the director of the Saba Healthcare Foundation.  Mrs. Riley RN, the director of the home for the aged was off island.


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