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MeduProf-S met Ministers of Health Tanzania and Uganda at APHFTA conference

_MG_0562Managing Director of MeduProf-S Willem van Prooijen met Hon. Dr. Hussein A. Mwinyi (MP), Minister for Health and Social Welfare of the United Republic of Tanzania and Hon. Sarah A. Opendi, Minister of State for Health of the Republic of Uganda during the annual conference of the Association of Private Health Facilities Tanzania and the East African Health Federation. To the Minister of Tanzania he presented  the activities of MeduProf-S in Tanzania and with the Minister of Uganda he discussed the opening of the MRI centre of KAMRIC, an initiative of MeduProf-S in a Joint Venture with two local partners KIC and ECUREI. On this conference the private health federations of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda and Malawi came together for as well scientific as strategic discussions. This successful conference was organized in the Aga Khan Jubilee Hall in Dar es Salaam and hosted more then 300 participants. As part of future cooperation with APHFTA, MeduProf-S and APHFTA shared a boot on the conference.

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