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Training Spinal Cord Injury at Sint Maarten’s Home of White Yellow Cross Foundation


From 17 – 21 November 2014 Froukje Johanna Bijlsma trained a group of nurses working at the White and Yellow Cross Foundation on Sint Maarten (Caribbean) in Rehabilitation Nursing.     1a4a


Focus was on patients who are suffering from a spinal cord injury (SCI). Apart from basic knowledge on anatomy and physiology of the spinal cord and nervous system, the different aspects of pathophysiology of the SCI and the resulting consequence on Rehabilitation Nursing were discussed.




Course topics:

–        Communication skills – Knowledge on different types of coping

–        Recognize Depression

–        The importance of prevention on Pressure Ulcers in patients with SCI

–        Ergonomic skills – bedside teaching – positioning in bed

–        Assessment of Specific Nursing Care in patients with SCI

–        Rehabilitation Care Plan – how to conduct a care plan and present it

–        Bowel and Bladder Function and Management in patients with SCI

–        Practicing with materials available on bowel and bladder management

–        Educational skills – Simulation setting

The group has been very enthusiastic on receiving new knowledge and skills and we were informed that they already started to use the new skills in the week that followed after the training.    3a


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