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Ultrasound Train the Trainers Course in Nairobi, Kenya, December 2009

From December 7 to December 17 a Trainers Course for 10 trainers in Ultrasound was conducted at KMTC (Kenya Medical Training College) and KNH (Kenyatta National Hospital) in Nairobi. The 10 trainers were selected from KMTC, KNH and the MOMS (Ministry of Medical Services).
After successful completion of the Trainers Course the 10 trainers will be involved as co-teachers during the Ultrasound modules to be taught under the ORET project in Kenya.
The course went very well and participants were active and eager to learn.
During the course the following topics were discussed:
Week 1
Lectures were presented by Wilma de Groot, a MeduProf-S expert, followed by hands-on sessions. All abdominal organs were scanned using the Methodical Scanning approach. Hand-outs of all lectures were given to the participants.
Two sessions for hands-on Obstetric scanning were held with specific focus again on the Methodical Scanning approach on an obstetric patient in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester.
During the two week course, the group was constantly active with discussions and sharing information.
Week 2
Lectures were given by the participants and the rest of the group gave feedback on the performance using a specifically designed feedback form. Also hands-on presentations were given by the participants and the rest of the group gave feedback using the feedback forms. Special attention was given to the didactical skills of the participants.
A format for writing an Abdominal and an Obstetric report was designed by the group, and consensus was reached about the scan sequence for both Abdominal scanning and Obstetric scanning.
Finally, the framework for the 4 Ultrasound modules to be conducted under the project were discussed and it was agreed ‘who does what’ during the modules. A timeframe to develop the content of the modules was also made.

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