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Ultrasound Training in Kenya – Module 3

The third Ultrasound Module of 4 was conducted from August 16 – 27 at Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) in Nairobi.

Again, the same 21 participants that were present during modules 1 and 2 attended.
On the first Monday the participants handed in their practical portfolio assignment for the previous module. The teaching team gave written feedback on the work presented in the portfolios. Students are motivated to improve their performance by use of their portfolio.
The overall objective of module 3 was to expose the 21 participant’s to pathology of the different abdominal organs, both in theory (lectures) and hands-on sessions.
The students all participated fully and with great enthusiasm in all sessions.
Furthermore time was allocated to common abnormalities in Obstetrical Ultrasound. Lastly, a lecture introducing Doppler Physics was conducted which will be continued during the next module because the participants showed great interest in this subject.
Labelling exercises were done and also a group discussion on a theory (homework) assignment.
In module 2 there was a practical exam at the end of the module on Abdominal scanning and this time the module ended with a practical exam on Obstetrical scanning for each individual student. Finally, on the last day a theory exam was written.
An improvement in all students in scanning skills and theoretical knowledge could be observed. Both the teaching team and the participants enjoyed this 3rd module.

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