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Emergency Care Nursing in the Dutch Antilles

From 13 to 22 July MeduProf-S will present an introductory course ‘Emergency Care Nursing’ on the Dutch Antilles Islands of St. Eustatius, Saba and Bonaire under a contract with Fundashon Mariadal on Bonaire.
The three islands are due to receive new ambulances (the first has already arrived) to improve the level of emergency care. The development of the involved staff is therefore an important condition for this improvement. MeduProf-S will provide an integrated approach whereby nurses working on the ambulances, in the emergency care department and in the intensive care department will be trained to work in all 3 situations. In this way a coherent emergency care service can be provided and the flexibility of available staff will ensure that staff utilisation is optimal.
The introductory course will also be used to assess the specific needs for each Island and the full course will be carried out later this year.

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