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Ultrasound Training in Kenya – Module 2

Ultrasound training in Nairobi

From June 21 – July 2 the second Ultrasound module of 4 was conducted at Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) in Nairobi.
As this is a continuation of the Ultrasound Training, the same 21 participants that attended module 1 were present.
The overall objective of module 2 was to teach the normal anatomy of the spleen, kidneys and female pelvis as well as the normal obstetrical Ultrasound anatomy in the first, second and third trimester. This was all discussed both in theory and hands-on sessions.

Ultrasound training in Nairobi. Practical session

During the hands on sessions the normal anatomy of the liver, pancreas and gallbladder, taught during module 1, was repeated to ensure that the students had a working knowledge of the antomy of these areas.

During module 1 and this module each participant had to work on a portfolio whereby they had to print images of the different abdominal organs and paste them in their portfolio. The portfolio’s were handed in and the teachers gave feedback on the performance of the students. This is an excellent way to improve performance and master scanning skills.

The participants also began to look at pathology of the different abdominal organs and the possible anomalies that can be diagnosed in Obstetrical Ultrasound. This is in preparation for Module 3 when they will be exposed to a wide variety of pathologies.

The module ended with a practical exam for each individual student and a written exam consisting of 75 MCQ questions. All participants passed both exams with a final average mark being above 60%.

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