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Emergency Medical Care training finalized in Queen Beatrix Medical Centre, St. Eustatius.

From November 26 – December 1,  MeduProf–S experts Petra Frankhuizen and Erik van Roon went to St. Eustatius conducting the final training week of Emergency Medical Care.

The training took, including this last one, 8 weeks in two years time. In between the training weeks, participants trained and improved their skills, coached by one of the fort hat purpose trained staff members of Queen Beatrix Medical Centre.

During the training weeks the time was equally divided between theory sessions and skills trainings. Above that, scenario’s were offered, including collaboration with the fire department and the local police, to reach a high grade of sustainability.


Main focus this week was the assessment of the staff providing emergency medical care. The assessment was partly based on questionnaires and partly on different skills and a scenario.

On Friday the participants received their certificates as a result of almost two years of diligent learning & training.

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