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Excellent cooperation between MeduProf-S and Ghanaian expert in Food Safety & Hygiene awareness training

From May 13 – 17 MeduProf-S together with a local Ghanaian expert delivered a training for kitchen staff and nutrition officers in a large hospital in Ghana. The objective of this training was to enhance hygiene awareness and create ownership of the new equipment in the hospital kitchen.

During the training kitchen staff learned how they can influence a safe and hygienic way of  food preparation. Also personal hygiene was part of the training. The training was blended with visual materials to make it better understandable for kitchen staff. Also the innovative UV technology was used to create awareness of contaminations in the kitchen.

The training was developed to make it suitable for the level and situation in the hospital. The package consisted of: 

  1. Food Safety Audit
  2. Receiving and storing food
  3. Hand hygiene & personal hygiene
  4. Hygienic method of preparing food
  5. Effective cleaning
  6. Safe and correct equipment use
  7. Food safety systems

Foodsafety GhanaCommitment

During the training, the trainers motivated the participants to develop 10 “Golden Rules for Cleaning”. The group agreed that these 10 Golden Rules form the basis for their way of working from now on. The Ghanaian expert has comitted himself to monitor adherence to the Golden Rules.

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