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First Module Operating Theatre Nursing conducted in Alexandria-Egypt


From May 11 – 15 the first week of the OT course was conducted in Alexandria.  The main topics were hygiene and basic principles of the OT room. Each day lectures, assignments and workshops were linked to one main theme. The first day the theme was hand hygiene, contamination and sterilization. Self-gowning and wear sterile gloves was practiced.

The second day had as main theme the operating room. Explanation of different devices, materials, disposables and medicines were discussed in detail. During the third day the students created new protocols for the correct positioning of the patient. To experience positioning the student positioned each other. Basic knowledge for a scrub nurse is surgical instruments. Through an interactive exercise the students learned how to use 40 instruments with name, purpose and applicability. The final day was dedicated to continuous learning and exploring. Students were trained on the use of the Internet. Each student can now find the latest guidelines and operation videos.1

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