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ICU Module 3 taught in Ghana

The third module was like the first module in December 2011 and the second in April 2012 a combination of lecturing and practising in the classroom and teaching on the job at the ICU ward.
The participants are trained to become trainers at their own ward, the train the trainer principle.

To achieve this objective the participants were taught didactical skills as well as in-depth knowledge on ICU nursing.

During this module the participants prepared a lecture with a self-chosen topic. They had to teach their own colleagues. At the end of the week participants were given an assignment for module 4 (July) to make a lecture of a specific topic to show that they are able to teach and able to use several didactical skills.

The topics covered in Module 3 were:

    • How to take care of a critically ill patient after arrival at the Intensive Care Unit
    • The four temperaments, skills lab model
    • Airway, Breathing and Circulation
    • Primary and secundary survey, orientation, planning, giving treatment and evaluation
    • Skilsslabs: needle coniotomie
    • Bedside-training was done everyday


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