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Intensive Care Nursing course in Mozambique

Mozambique, Maputo Private Hospital
MeduProf-S was requested to provide Intensive Care Nursing courses for Nurses and Basic Life Support for all of the Maputo Private Hospital staff.
These courses were conducted by Dinand Roeberts (experienced BLS trainer) and Jenny Roeberts-Koekkoek (experienced teacher a.o. in ICU Nursing) from 30th May to the 3rd June. The choice was made to integrate both courses in such a way, that ICU nurses would be trained as BLS trainers as well as receiving their ICU training.
During the ICU course the A, B, C, D, E method, to assess a patient, was taught. The teachers combined this method with ICU nursing skills. The participants liked the combination of technical nursing with nursing care. Many of them appreciated the knowledge and insight that comes to you when you experience the feelings of a patient. The teachers enjoyed the opportunity to share their knowledge with these willing participants.
The ICU nurses were very enthusiastic about the BLS training and requested to add ‘the choking’ patient during the course. The teachers did this and tailored the course even more to meet the requests of MPH. During the four BLS courses for the hospital staff, two or three ICU nurses participated as co-trainers. By the end of the week, nearly the full MPH staff compliment was trained in Basic Life Support. The trained nurses acted in a professional manner and with great enthusiasm; and are now sufficiently trained to conduct the refresher training within 6 months.

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