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Middle Management course in Mozambique

Maputo Private Hospital

 MeduProf-S is involved in the start of a brand new private hospital MPH in Maputo.The hospital is supposed to open on 20 June  2011. Their aim is to offer high qualitative care. MeduProf-S provides in June and July a series of eight trainings for the hospital staff, Management training, BLS and ICU training, Obstetrics, Paediatrics, Operation Theatre, CT and MRI training. 

From May 09th until May 13th Boudewien and Henk Sikking started the Middle Management course. The program focused on communication and management skills. On Monday the program started with values and norms and the mission of the hospital with the full staff as available. Later that week the group was split in two. The communication training was done with the full staff: Rose of Leary, Core Qualities, Feedback/ Johari Window and Professional behaviour. The participants were enthusiastic about these subjects. During the afternoon the teachers continued with the management group. The main subjects were: Leadership styles, Motivation and Delegation, Meetings and Negotiations and Professional Organization. The theoretical and practical integration appeared to be very welcome to the participants. The teachers used a mixture of methods, like lectures, group work and roll plays. Specially drama and role playing were popular, there was no hesitation to play all kind off roles. The week was concluded with an integrative role play.  In this play all the skills were integrated. The participants worked concentrated and intensively on their tasks. The teachers experienced it as a pleasure to work with such enthusiastic and studious public.


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