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MeduProf-S, Healthcare and Tourism in Zanzibar

On 26, 27 and 28 of September 2019 MeduProf-S Managing Director visited the Zanzibar Tourism Show in Stonetown. Tourism in Zanzibar will grow from around 500.000 visitors now to 800.000 visitors in 2030. To be prepared for this growth and to guarantee continuous delivery of high quality hospitality, an integrated approach is needed where parallel other sectors like agriculture, infrastructure, culture, heritage and healthcare should be improved and prepared for the expected growth. To discuss this integral approach and the implications for Healthcare, MeduProf-S was invited by the Minister of Tourism. Around 187 companies, hotels and tourism providers presented themselves in stands on this show. A good platform to discuss the promising “Tourism for all” vision of Zanzibar, what will lead to some concrete actions soon in the different fields like Healthcare and Hospitality.

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