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MeduProf-S in Kampala, Uganda during The Philips Cairo to Cape Roadshow

 On July 2 & 4 the Philips C2C Roadshow visited Kampala, Uganda. MeduProf-S teacher Marina Smit (midwifery) and lecturer Wilma de Groot (ultrasound), provided a 2 days training session during the Cairo to Cape Town (C2C) roadshow initiated by Philips Healthcare. The sessions were conducted in Kampala, Uganda in Mulago Hospital, the largest referral hospital in Uganda. The first training day was on PCCI: theory and extensive hands-on about CTG, thermoregulation and fetal resuscitation. The second training day was dedicated to ultrasound. The following topics were presented in theory and hands-on: 1st, 2nd and 3rth trimester ultrasound; indications, normal findings, fetal anomalies, measurements, placenta localisation and amniotic fluid amount.
Around 70 health staff members participated in these training days. Among them were doctors, radiologists, midwifes, nurses and radiographers. The sessions were interactive and participants posted many interesting questions.

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