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MeduProf-S in Kigali, Rwanda during The Philips Cairo to Cape Roadshow

On June 26 & 27 MeduProf-S’s  Gerry Konings (lecturer midwifery) and Wilma de Groot (lecturer ultrasound), provided a 2 day training session during the Cairo to Cape Town (C2C) roadshow initiated by Philips Healthcare. The sessions were conducted in Kigali, Rwanda. The 1st training day was on PCCI: theory and hands-on about CTG, Thermoregulation and Fetal Resuscitation. The second training day was dedicated to Ultrasound. The following topics were presented in theory and hands-on: 1st, 2nd and 3rth trimester Ultrasound; indications, normal findings, fetal anomalies, measurements, placenta localisation and amniotic fluid amount.

The 82 participants to these training days were highly motivated and eager to learn. This week the MeduProf-S team will visit Uganda to conduct an Ultrasound training.

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