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MeduProf-S in Lusaka, Zambia during The Philips Cairo to Cape Roadshow. Sustainability in practice!

On July 17th, the Philips C2C Roadshow visited Lusaka, Zambia. MeduProf-S lecturer Helma Hofland (paediatric nursing) conducted a training session during the Cairo to Cape Town (C2C) roadshow initiated by Philips Healthcare. The session was conducted in Lusaka Teaching Hospital. The session focussed on PCCI: theory and extensive hands-on about CTG, thermoregulation and fetal resuscitation. Participants were consultants (medical doctors), medical students, midwives and nurses from the Obs/Gyn department. Specifically the training in New-born Life Support enticed a lot of enthusiasm, as may be seen on the picture. The training took place in the earlier by Philips and MeduProf-S established skills-lab in the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) as part of an ORET program.  Sustainability in practice!



At the end Philips representative Niels Buning donated the NLS manikin NeoNathalie to the Head Nurse of the Obs/Gyn department of UTH for training purposes. This gesture was highly appreciated.

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