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Module 3 of 4 of the ICU nursing training program conducted in Alexandria, Egypt

MeduProf-S trainer Tineke Sportel conducted “the paediatric patient in ICU”” module in Alexandria Egypt from 15-19 June 2014 .Eleven (11) highly motivated participants were trained in the ABCDE approach and assessment in the paediatric patient. Their skills and competences were trained through lectures, but also through skill training using PICU scenarios.

3 2Normal developments in children were discussed in order to recognize abnormalities. Videos of children in severe respiratory distress and failure were supportive to understand the theoretical lecture of respiratory distress. Since calculation of medication is very specific for the paediatric patient the participants completed a medication calculation test. The results were very good and helpful for them to test their      competence and knowledge on this subject.

Since most admissions of children in the ICU are due to trauma a lecture of paediatric trauma was provided. Causes of trauma were discussed, as well as injuries and treatment according to age and risk factors. ABCDE approach is always leading in these lectures.

After 5 days of intensive training and working together all participants felt more competent and skilled in their future care of critically injured and sick children in their ICU.1


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