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First digital imaging course completed in Alexandria

1From 15 to 19 June the first of two” Digital Imaging” training programs was completed at the emergency hospital in Smouha, Alexandria. The radiographers successfully ended their training which lasted 10 days, divided in 2 weeks.

This module followed on to the first module that was conducted in May. The radiographers are now capable to get the best out of their new digital equipment.

During the 10 days training program, MeduProf-s provided a course which contained subjects like post-processing, radiation protection, image artefacts, quality control and maintenance. The new equipment can now be used and maintained in the best possible way. It gives the radiographers the ability to continue providing a high level of care for the patient with the best digital imaging results.  3

During the course the radiographers showed that they are willing to share their knowledge. By presenting about their specialisation, they showed that they are very capable of teaching their colleague’s. With a high level of enthusiasm they explained the basic physics of the modality that they work most with. This enthusiastic group of radiographers is equipped with a new high tech Radiology department. During their work with these machines they will learn even more in the future. This knowledge will be shared with their colleague`s providing an educational working environment with the best days yet to come!2


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