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Final week Accident & Emergency nursing conducted in Winneba, Ghana

3 2MeduProf-S expert Erik van Roon went to the Winneba Trauma & Specialist Hospital, Ghana from 16 – 20 June 2014 and conducted the fourth and final week Accident & Emergency nursing course.

The expert coached the participants preparing for the exam on Friday. They did this by teaching each other about the topics they had learned the three prior weeks before.

Related to the components of the ABCDE-model as a basic approach for trauma and non-trauma patients visiting the A & E department, they refreshed, exchanged and shared their knowledge about triage, emergency nursing assessment, airway management, cardio vascular emergencies, shock and pain management. As a result of their efforts all participants succeeded the final exam and received a certificate of competence in emergency nursing!

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In the upcoming months the nurses will share their newly gained competences with their colleagues who were not able to join the course.





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