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Module 2 of 2 OT nursing conducted in Alexandria Egypt from June 1-5 2014

2 1In the second module for Operating Theatre nurses, mrs. Marja Versantvoort taught specific topics for the OT . On the first day the participants learned how to make protocols for an operation. The participants are now able to make an OT room ready and check it on each safety point. On the second day they learned about aërogene contamination.

The participants came with an improvement plan to keep the air in the operating room as clean as possible. This same day they made laparoscopic instruments and devices ready for surgery in order to assist laparoscopic surgery. To do this, they have learned a lot about incisions, instruments, surgical techniques and endoscopic devices. Sutures and needles is a big subject in de OT. So each participant learned about, thickness, shapes, curve and absorbable sutures. After this difficult lecture they were able to give the right suture for each tissue. On the fourth day all the subjects from the first week and second week came together. In an interactive workshop the participants did a simulation of a surgery. They made protocols and checklists and know how to work safe, sterile and hygienic.4 3

After two weeks of hard work by highly motivated students, it was no surprise that they all did very well during the exam.


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