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A&E module 1 of 4 delivered in Borg El Arab, Egypt

From 25-29 May 2014 MeduProf-S lecturer Olaf van Oosterhout travelled to Egypt/Borg El Arab to conduct the first week of an A&E course for 12 participants who will soon start to work in the hospital in Borg El Arab (close to Alexandria) pop over to this web-site.

This first course week covered the objectives Airway and Breathing, combined with lecturing and practising in the classroom.foto 4

In the four weeks of the course these participants will be trained to work with the ABCDE method. This method will teach the participants a way of working save with the patients and they learned most of all to  “treat first what kills first”. An early recognition of changes in the vital signs of the patient will make it possible for the participants together with the doctors to bring the patient in a stable and hopefully better condition.

During the next 3 modules of A & E (planned in September, October and November 2014) these participants will improve their competences.

Topics covered in Module 1 are the A (airway) and B (breathing), primary and secondary survey, orientation, planning, giving treatment and evaluation. Several lectures were given with the following subjects: airway management, CPR (basic life support lecture) and breathing subjects.

participants foto 1 a

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