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MRI training for Maputo Private Hospital

Last year MeduProf-S has trained the staff of the newly built Maputo Private Hospital. Wilma van der Riet conducted the remaining training for MRI from 16 to 24 April. All Radiographers working in the MPH attended the training program of 7 days. Also some doctors participated in parts of the training.

The training focused on the implementation of the MRI procedures. After general subjects like

Basic Principles of MRI, System overview, Contrast Generation, Image Quality: S/N Ratio, Artifacts, Resolution, Contrast and the different RF sequences most time was spent on practice.

The participants were trained in making clinical (pathology oriented) Exam cards from the different areas in the body adjusted to the personal wishes of the user.

  • Brain incl. IAC, orbits, pituitary, MRA
  • Spine incl. cervical, dorsal, lumbar and total spine
  • Abdomen: upper and lower Abdomen incl. MRA
  • Pelvis: female and male
  • MSK: covering the joints and long bones
  • Thorax with Breath Holds and Cardiac Synchronization

Further attention was paid to Protocol Handling and Manipulation and to the basics of the influence and the connection of the different Scan parameters using the diverse RF sequences.

All radiographers received a certificate at the end of the course and were very enthusiastic about the training and their teacher.

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