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Soft Skills for TQM in Higher Education Standards

The hard side in total quality management of measurement and data analysis can only be successful if it is replenished with the soft side, the people side. This conclusion has serious consequences for the education of professionals, especially managers. Managers should be trained in soft skills, trained in managing themselves and their relations with others.

In the study by Everard van Kemenade, MeduProf-S Quality Manager and manager of the Quality Management product line, a definition of soft skills is provided with a list of 20 examples out of the literature on this field.

Everard van Kemenade examines to what extent soft skills are considered to be important for quality professionals, what specific soft skills are needed for total quality management (TQM) and if accreditation standards in higher education adequately require institutions to address these needs.

The results of the survey are published in an article in the American Society for Quality Higher Education Brief (April 2012, Volume 5, No 2.)  To here read the complete article.



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