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Operating Theatre Nursing Course at Maputo Private Hospital

From 20-24 June Marja Versantvoort conducted an Operation Theatre Nursing Course in the Maputo Private Hospital (MPH). The hospital will be equipped with the latest technology, therefore a high standard was set for this and subsequent courses for the MPH to ensure the staff can manage any situation. Scrub nurses have the responsibility for the correct use of the theatre devices, materials, hygiene, instruments and patient care. During the course they were taught to follow and create guidelines and procedures for different types of operations.

The course consisted of theory, practice and an examination. After interactive presentations and discussions the nurses applied the theory into practice in five workshops. During the workshops the participants practiced with the new devices and materials and learnt how to use them. The group made a manual for each device during the course. The participants also wrote protocols for positioning the patient in relation to the equipment and they created a basic checklist for each operation.

To stay up-to-date and informed of the latest techniques, the participants were taught how to use the internet; paying special attention to search for and select the relevant information; whilst they were making manuals and protocols.

The course was concluded with an individual examination, in which all participants proved their understanding of theory and ability to apply theory to practice.

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