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Study tour: students from October6University (Egypt) at Fontys University of Applied Sciences

From Monday 4th till Friday 8th April 2016 four students and a vice dean from the faculty of Applied Medical Sciences visited Fontys University of Applied Sciences. The study tour has been organised by MeduProf-S. It was part of a longlasting project between October6University, Fontys University of Applied Sciences (Human Health) and MeduProf-S. The project in Egypt aims at increasing the quality of the higher education in Radiology, Nursing, Medical Laboratory and Medical Equipment by means of a Fontys honours program. A big difference between the European education system and the Egyptian is the way of teaching. Egyptian education very much focuses on a solid knowledge base. That’s why the students enrolled in the Fontys program are educated in a Problem Based Learning way, that also teaches them skills like communication, presentation and team work.

As a result of the study tour the four students, all from Medical Laboratory department, made an assignment, a documentary movie, to explain to their fellow students in Egypt the differences between Egyptian and Dutch education. The students visited PBL sessions and Critical Reasoning on Tuesday and Thursday at Fontys Nursing department. Wilco Bosems and two students from the Expert Centre on Health and Technology gave a presentation of their activities. On Wednesday the students and the vice-dean were guests at the Laboratory department from Fontys, where they did some practical exercises (like discovering their own DNA and making aspirine).

The Egyptian students were very enthusiastic about the Dutch education system and the country as such. Two of the four seriously consider to do a masters in the Netherlands after achieving their bachelor diplom in Egypt. The assignment to make a documentary was approved and back in Egypt, the students received their certificate.

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