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Hospital maintenance survey in Mongolia

dscn0731bewerktIn April 2016 MeduProf-S was asked for assistance in Mongolia to investigate, advise and prepare the training needs for maintenance service staff in 3 hospitals in Mongolia. From 25th till 30th of April MeduProf-S visited Mongolia to carry out an assessment in three hospitals to investigate the knowledge, skills and priorities for training for the biomedical engineers in these hospitals. The three hospitals to be assessed were the Children and Maternity Health Hospital, The National Cancer Hospital and First Central Hospital. As a result of observations and interviews in the hospitals with in total 10 Biomedical Engineers, 3 Heads of Departments, 2 Technicians, 1 HR manager, 1 Managing Director a Physicist (Head of Radiotherapy department) following a questionnaire and discussions with MoH and external stakeholders, we delivered a report to our client with the results and advice for the future.

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