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Successful 4-week ICU training program delivered in Alexandria.

3In four weeks (between January and April 2014) 12 well-motivated participants received an in-depth ICU training program in the new lecture room in the emergency hospital in Smouha, Alexandria.

The program was delivered together with the new skilled trainers (TOT’s) trained under the ORET project in Egypt.  During interactive lectures the participants learned how to perform the “head to toe” body-assessment on a manikin.

These body-assessments are combined with clinical reasoning, vital signs, re-assessment and with the ABCDE method.

A very modern and well-equipped Skills Lab gives the participants the possibility to train their skills on an adult- junior- baby manikin and an airway-manager.

The participants are now able to use there knowledge in all different types of cases. They are trained to recognize any change in the vital sings of the patient and to assess when a quick call for help (the doctor) is needed. They are also trained to bring the patient in a stable position and how to assist the doctor to improve the condition of the patient.

During three knowledge tests (60 true/false questions) and a practical exam (3 stations: CPR, back valve mask ventilation and an ABCDE assessment) all the participants showed that they are able to implement their new knowledge.


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