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Third week Accident & Emergency course for nurses conducted in Ghana

7.From 12 – 16 May 2014 MeduProf-S expert 2.Erik van Roon went to Winneba, Ghana and conducted the third week Accident & Emergency course for nurses.

This week’s focus was a further in depth assessment and related interventions of the trauma and non-trauma patient attending the A & E department. The participants wrote different scenario’s, trauma and/or non-trauma and mixtures,  and were put into practice at the ward. Interpreting the ECG and the hemodynamic consequences is essential in understanding the patient’s situation and related to the interventions, especially when a CPR-situation is in progress, and was one of the main topics this week.   The participants stated at the beginning of the week that they wanted to share their newly obtained knowledge with their colleagues. They organised a training session Basic Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and conducted it very well! Both the theoretical and practical part were covered during the training session. Again all the nurses were well prepared and are looking forward to the last week of training in June.

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