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Train the Trainer course Hygiene Awareness conducted in Lagos, Nigeria

At the end of 2013 MeduProf-S delivered a train the trainer course in Hygiene Awareness in Lagos, Nigeria. The trainer was Ms Loes van Stiphout, expert in Hygiene and Hygiene management. Participants came from six small medical clinics in the town. The training was organised by Small World Nigeria. Participants were first trained together to become a trainer in Hygiene Awareness for their own facility. After that the expert visited all clinics and coached the local trainer to deliver the first in-house training.

Participants and management were impressed by the possibility to check the quality of hand-hygiene and cleaning of floors and equipment with an UV lamp.  They all appreciated the training very much. A Small World representative wrote: You have absolutely sent us the right trainer. The clinics were rather diverse, but Loes always found an approach fit for the specific situation. She was conducted the training sessions in a very professional way.

Small World published a video on YouTube:

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