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MeduProf-S proudly delivers local trainers ICU in Ghana

From 12 – 16 November MeduProf S lecturer Olaf van Oosterhout travelled to Ghana to conduct the last ICU module out of six. This last module was like the earlier modules a combination of lecturing and practising in the classroom and teaching on the job (bedside training) at the ICU. Also a practical assessment and a written assessment were an important part of this module. The participants are now fully trained to be trainers on their own ward and in general for the hospital where they work; the train the trainer principle.At the end of the project the hospital will have competent teachers in ICU. To achieve this objective during all modules didactical skills as well as in depth knowledge on ICU issues were taught. The same 6 participants as in module 5 were present. A recap of the five previous ICU modules was done. Paediatric related subjects were topics for this week.

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