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Fundashon Mariadal Bonaire more ready for emergencies!

October 22 – 26  MeduProf–S experts Peter de Kruijter and Erik van Roon were on Bonaire conducting the final week of Emergency Medical Care.

Main focus this week was the assessment of both the nurses and ambulance drivers. They started with the questionnaires and the rest of the week they used for preparing separate skills and a scenario.

Again it was a very intense week and due to the assessments there was a kind of stress. The participants did well and received by the end of the week their well earned certificates

The participants showed that they have learned a lot during this intensive almost two years of training. Managing Director Willem van Prooijen, Project Coordinator Harmen Grebel and Fundashon Mariadal president of the board were present on the certification ceremony and emphasized that working and learning in healthcare is something to be proud of!

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