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Train the Trainers course on Computed Tomography (CT)

From February 15th till 25th the Train the Trainers course on Computed Tomography was conducted by Mr. Marcel Voet, a MeduProf-S expert.
The six (6) participants, ranging from radiologists to medical radiology teachers, were trained on CT Multi slice knowledge and didactical skills.
During eight days of intensive training the following subjects were presented;

• theoretical background on CT,
• typical and advanced scanning parameters,
• creation and optimalisation of CT images,
• themes on brain, thorax, abdomen and angiography,
• dose recognition and reduction features,
• creation of CT protocols

The main objective of the training was to cover general knowledge and skills on CT. All participants received an official certificate after completing the course.
Very soon four CT scanners will be installed in general hospitals in various parts of the country. Participants from these hospitals will be trained on basic CT skills during 2 modules of 2 weeks. The 6 trainers that graduated in this course will be the co-trainers to these 2 modules. Sustainability of CT training in Kenya can be better achieved this way.

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