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Hospital Management Training Nairobi, Kenya

In the last week of October the Hospital Management Training in Nairobi came to a conclusion.
The training was part of the ORET-project ‘Strengthening 23 Hospitals’ implemented by Simed.
MeduProf-S is responsible for the Technical Assistance program for this project. The participants began the week with the final module in the Management Course – ‘Leadership’, and ended the week preparing and presenting at the conference.

The leadership training was conducted by Ms. Monique van Gorkum, teacher and trainer at the school of HRM and Psychology of the Fontys University of Applied Sciences. The leading question of the training was: ‘how are you going to use your personal leadership skills to improve hospital services? Participants were challenged to ask for feedback on their own management style from their colleagues and rehearse this with other participants. The leadership training was placed at the end of the full course of 7 modules to equip the participants with important tools to carry out their management task, making use of all what was learned during all of the modules.
All participants produced assignments after every module, but they also had to provide a case study and a sustainable plan for improving health care in their hospital. The quality of this final assignment was decisive for the grading and the selection of the presenters for the conference. Only the three best combinations of study and plan could be presented to the audience. The others had to be summarized on flip over sheets.
The conference was organised in the main conference hall in the School of Nursing of the KMTC. About 130 guests were received in a beautifully decorated hall and welcomed with an opening speech of Dr. Masasabi Wekesa, of the Ministry of Medical Services (MOMS).
The three participants who presented their plan were:

  • Robert Kennedy Siminyu, Medical Superintendent of the Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa presented his plan to improve patient flow. This will enhance the service to patients by:
    – Reducing waiting time
    – Reduction in naso-comial and cross infections
    – Improving the motivation of staff
  • Anne Wachira, Nurse-in-Charge of Out Patient Department & Deputy Nursing Officer I/C at the Provincial General Hospital of Nyeri presented a study on the creation of an emergency care room to enhance hospital performance and give an improved answer to developments such as the:
    – Increasing number of road accident e.g. Molo accident where 110 people were killed
    – Attacks by organized criminal groups e.g. Mathira Massacre in Kenya that left 35 dead
    – Severe diseased pandemic e.g. HINI
  • Dr. Samwel Misoi, Medical Superintendent of Transmara District Hospital presented his study on ‘Improving the quality of care of diabetic patients by creating a diabetic comprehensive care team & opening a diabetic clinic’. This would be a centre of excellence in provision of health care services in the region and give an answer to the growing amount of diabetic patients.
  • During the lunch break the guests visited the inspiring poster presentations of the other participants.
    Later the participants received their diploma from the Director of Medical Services of MOMS.
    The conference was closed with words of appreciation and small presents to the speakers and organizers.

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