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ISO 9001:2008-certificate for MeduProf-S

On the 31st of January 2012,  Sandra Henke, Director of Certiked,  presented MeduProf-S  the  ISO 9001:2008 certificate  for the Quality Management System of the company.

During the audit of the complete Quality Management System of MeduProf-S,  which was held in December last year,  no non-conformities, nor potentials for non-compliance have been noted (NL: zonder tekortkomingen en zonder aanmerkingen).

Four specific positive remarks have been made regarding the elaboration of the system.

  • – MeduProf-S has a good strategic policy  which has been defined in measurable plans.
  • – The processes to achieve the company’s  goals have been adequately documented.
  • – A continuous improvement plan records accurately how and which elements of the system need  improvement.
  • – The organisation can be characterised by a sound awareness of  the importance of quality.

The ISO 9001:2008 certificate concerns:  “the development and execution of education, training and auditing in emerging countries and countries in transition, as well as in the Netherlands in the field of medical professions, hygiene and food safety, management, education, engineering/IT and quality assurance based on social entrepreneurship”.

This means that also the activities of the Dutch Business line  “Zorg met visie” have been included in this certification. With QA manager Everard van Kemenade in a leading role, MeduProf-S managed to get all the processes in place and implemented within a year.

“As a company offering quality assurance support worldwide, we see it as our responsibility to have our own quality procedures in place. This ISO certification, added to the CPD certification and association with EOQ,  demonstrates how  serious our company is about quality”, Managing Director Willem van Prooijen stated during the certification ceremony.

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