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MeduProf-S conducts Hospital Management Training in Kenya

After signing the hospital rehabilitation project in Kenya in October 2009 the first of seven Management Training modules was conducted in November. 30 staff, employed in management positions, attended the first module which will conclude after the seventh module with a closing conference in October 2010.
The main objective of this Management Training Course is to support the management by teaching them management skills required to enhance the quality of care and organisation of the hospitals. The seven modules are:

1. HR Management and Development
2. Change Management
3. Medical Anthropology and International Healthcare Policies
4. Epidemiology and Public Health
5. Primary Healthcare, Planning and Monitoring and Financial Management
6. Project Management
7. Leadership

Teachers conducting the modules are from Fontys University of Applied Sciences, other Universities in the Netherlands and experts from the Ministry of Medical Services.

The participants have been invited to present a case about their own hospital during the closing conference. The cases will begin with a problem and include a plan of improvement to bring solutions to the problem. To develop their plan, the participants will make use of skills and knowledge presented during the program.

The training takes place in the facilities of the School of Nursing of the Kenya Medical Training College in Nairobi.

The first module ‘HR Management and Development’ was presented by Harmen Grebel, the course Director and a MeduProf-S expert . The participants enjoyed the teaching and the discussions which developed following the different subjects presented. Due to the diversity between the 5 high level provincial hospitals and the smaller district hospitals the discussions were often lively and promoted a healthy interest in each others working environments and management styles.

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