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MeduProf-S explores business with the fusion of “Fontys International Projects”.

The management of MeduProf-S and the board of Fontys University of Applied Sciences signed a contract for the taking over of “Fontys International Projects” (FIP), the international project department of Fontys University of Applied Sciences, by MeduProf-S. MeduProf-S, since May 2009 a succesful independent company, started as a merger of Fontys International Health Projects. One of the reasons for Fontys is that the activities of  FIP are not fitting in the actual business model of Fontys University of Applied Sciences. In the contract there is also agreement about a long term relationship between the two companies where MeduProf-S is allowed to represent Fontys in Developing Countries. Experts, teachers and students of Fontys will be involved in the activities of MeduProf-S and MeduProf-S is allowed to offer “Double degree” programs in cooperation with Fontys. For MeduProf-S this new agreement is a big step forward. The highly experienced staff of FIP is now part of MeduProf-S and MeduProf-S will start the already announced new devisions to explore activities in the field of Education, Marketing/Management, Engineering and Quality Assurance.



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