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MeduProf-S presented Social Entrepreneurship at Cultural Cookery event

On Thursday 24th of February the Managing Director of MeduProf-S presented and discussed the paradigma shift from NGO and Profit organizations to Social Enterprises in Development Aid. Cultural Cookery, an initiative of “Happy Gift”, is a diner with a cultural presentation to discuss with the 30 participants topics in Development Aid. The staff does exist of volunteers. For instance there was a Doctor who worked out to be a very good cook. MeduProf-S presented its 15 year experience in developing countries working with a “social enterprise” approach. All participants had a certain relation with Development Aid what helped in the interaction especial after the nice diner. The diner and hospitality was from a surprisingly high level and finally all participants went home after a good diner experience, with interesting information, new knowledge and ideas about development aid. For more information visit the website of Cultural Cookery;

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