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Module 3 of 4 of A&E training conducted in Borg el Arab (12 Oct – 16 Oct)

3The third week of the A&E course was delivered in Borg el Arab Egypt. Eleven (11) dedicated nurses were present to follow this third week of the training program. During this week we continued the program with the leading topic: the ABCDE method.

Topics: cardiac rhythms, disability and exposure.

Most important aspect in this training program is to teach the participants how to work with the ABCDE method. To achieve this goal we trained scenario cases related to the topics: cardiac rhythms, disability and exposure. A theoretical test (20 questions) was done on the third- and discussed on the fourth day. This time we were able to train practical skills at the ICU ward with the (adult) manikin. In course week 4 (the final week of this training program) the focus will be mainly at skills training. Case scenarios will be trained every day in relation to diseases and disorders, vital signs and therapy. A theoretical tests is taken at the second day and a practical test at the 2 final days. In the practical test all the participants must show their skills in: CPR-, bag valve mask ventilation- and a case scenario. At the end of the training program the participants will be rewarded with a certificate!

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