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Training Obstetrics & Gynaecology Nursing in Mozambique

From 1-5 of August 2011 a training was conducted for the nurses of the Maternity Department of the new Maputo Private Hospital in Mozambique.The training started with an exercise on communication called “speaking the same language” and all basic definitions in Maternity were discussed, followed by an interactive presentation on Basic Antenatal Care.The participants had a chance to practice their skills on a real 7-month pregnant patient (invited especially for this training), which was done with great excitement. Managing Normal Childbirth was discussed and practiced in simulated setting step by step on “Delivery Mannequin”.


On the second day a flow diagram was introduced on Resuscitation of the Newborn and all steps were discussed in detail. Video demonstrations showed examples of real life scenario’s of different deliveries and on how to perform resuscitation in a team if needed. Every step was practised by the candidates on a Resuscitation mannequin and all of them stated with the evaluation that this was the most important topic for them, which they will remember best.
The candidates enjoyed the subject Culture & Delivery where they could share traditional believes in their culture and the habits & believes of other cultures were discussed as well. Different statements around deliveries were posted and the candidates had to choose a side in the room; they had to argue with the other group on why they “agreed” or “disagreed” with the statement. One example was: “It should be possible for the father to be present during the delivery”. This was interesting since this is very uncommon in the Mozambican culture and not allowed in most of the public hospitals.
The candidates participated with the greatest enthusiasm with the Board Game on Post Partum Haemorrhage. Their knowledge was tested and updated during the game with all kinds of questions regarding Post Partum Haemorrhage. It was a fun interactive way of learning.

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